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Controversial Study on Mice Suggests Vaping Could Cause Cancer in Humans

Public health experts and tobacco researchers have long been saying that it’s not the nicotine that kills smokers, but the many other carcinogens contained by tobacco cigarettes. However, according to a recent study by researchers at New York University, the nicotine in electronic cigarette vapor can cause DNA damage and impair cells’ DNA repair mechanism, […] Source: v2

Eleaf iStick PICO 21700 Kit Review

The original iStick PICO 75W came out a couple of years ago, but it remains one of the most popular single-battery mods on the market. Two years is a long time in this industry, and the PICO 75W had been starting to show its age for a while now, so Eleaf decided to breath new […] Source: v2

Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Atlantis sub ohm tank revolutionazed the vaping industry and Aspire now offers the second version of this innovative device. The Aspire Atlantis 2 will impress you with the improvements that it brings. The coils are made of 100% organic cotton and there is a new 0.3ohm, as well as 1ohm coil, apart from the 0.5ohm coil that was already…

GeekVape Blitzen RTA Review

GeekVape is one of the oldest and most respected atomizer manufacturers in the business, so when they decide to market one of their creations as “the ultimate RTA” people tend to take notice. The GeekVape Blitzen is a 24mm RTA that’s supposed to strike the perfect balance between great vapor production and excellent vapor, while […] Source: v2

Five Pawns Review

Five Pawns have built a strong fanbase thanks to its top quality e-juices. The gourmet selection and the fact that the company’s name refers to the main traditional tastes of the culinary world, shows that Five Pawns has a strong commitment to deliver a unforgettable taste experience for its customers. While the price for Five Pawns e-juices is considerably higher…

Joyetech Espion Kit Review

The Joyetech Espion is being marketed as an elegant dual-18650 box mod, but don’t let its small size and classy look fool you, as this little guy has quite a lot of power under the hood. With a max power output of 200W and a centered 510 connection able to accommodate atomizers up to 27mm […] Source: v2

Innokin iTaste VTR Mod Review

Innokin is a well-established provider and the iTaste VTR is one of its most remarkable mods. It is a box mode that is designed to support heavy users, offering solid performance. The VTR Mod features a 3-digit display that makes things easier for users and compared to other options in the iTaste line, this mod is more powerful. The VTR…

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Trial Finds No Adverse Health Effects from Long-Term Vaping

Regular use of electronic cigarettes over long periods of time has no adverse impact on health, according to the findings of a 24-month peer-reviewed clinical trial due to be published next month in the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. Entitled “Evaluation of the Safety Profile of an Electronic Vapour Product Used for Two Years by Smokers […] Source: v2

Origin Vape Overview – Coupon

Origin Vape is a brand that offers authentic mods from popular brands such as Sigelei, Piooner4You and Praxis Vapors. Origin is focused on bringing you the latest devices and here you can find a coupon that you can use on their website when you want to get new gear at the best possible prices. Devices and Mech Mods Origin Vape…

Desire Mad Dog RDA V2 Review

The original Mad Dog RDA was one of the sleeper hits of last year, gaining a lot of popularity within the vaping community even without any sort of real promotion from Desire, a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer. Thanks to its above-average performance and attractive price, the Mad Dog RDA sold pretty good, or t least […] Source: v2